I began experimenting with photography during my teenage years. Since then, it has served as my creative outlet while the rest of my life has been ruled by sales targets and stock exchanges. Unfortunately for me, my artistic pursuits were inevitably put on hold as I built my career in finance. Then I had a baby.

When my son was almost a year old, I complained to my husband that I didn’t have any great pictures of him. I had many mediocre shots, but nothing that really captured how I saw him. One day my husband reminded me that I had a great camera sitting in a drawer. It had been a few years since I picked it up. “Why don’t you start taking real photos again?”

I followed his advice. It felt great to be behind a lens again and to have some photos that really reflected my son’s unique character. I took some courses to refresh my skills and to learn the latest technology. My creativity had an outlet again and I was grateful to have such an inspiration in my son. Then I had another baby.

It was during my second maternity leave after my daughter was born that I took my life-long hobby to the next level and specialized in baby and children’s photography. After honing my artistic style and upgrading my equipment to a professional standard, I made the decision to leave my career in finance to open Neville Park Photography. I’m finally doing what I love and I hope it shows in my work.