What is my style?

I am a natural light photographer and like create photos that are sweet, yet moody and dramatic. I love a portrait that captures the sparkle in your child’s eye or a priceless expression.

How should we dress for a photo shoot?

Simple, solid colours and patterns look best in photographs. Some families like to co-ordinate a few matching colours for everyone to wear. A large logo or busy design will draw attention away from what’s important—your family. However, if your four-year-old wears his batman shirt every other day and that is the memory you want to capture, by all means have him wear it!

What should we bring?

Bring whatever you would like to have photographed with your child—a stuffed toy, a particular blanket, or a special outfit.  For in studio sessions and newborn sessions I have a very good variety of beautiful, unique and handmade outfits to choose from.

When should I book my newborn shoot?

The ideal time for a newborn photo shoot is five to fourteen days after birth. At this stage, your baby is likely to fall into a deep sleep that will facilitate poses. Please contact me while you are pregnant so that we can book a tentative date to be confirmed once your baby has been born.

Where can we do the photo shoot?

You choose where you would like your photos taken. Lifestyle sessions can take place at your home, inside or outside. We can meet at an outdoor location on the beach or at a nearby park. For outdoor locations, especially out on the beach where there is no shade, it is best to shoot in the first hour of sunrise or the last hour of sunset. My studio is available weekdays for newborn, baby and toddler shoots and I get best natural light in the mornings.

How long will it take to receive my edited images?

I can usually give you a sneak peak within a couple days and have your session edited and images delivered within 14 days electronically.

Will I have the right to print and post my images?

Yes. Your images are your property. After you receive your photos, you post and print them as you please. However, if you like, I can assist you in printing photos, canvases and creating beautiful photobooks.